Cappadocia Hot Air Balloon Tours

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How long is the flight?

About an hour on our Standard and Comfort Flights and one and a half hours on Deluxe and Exclusive Flights, depending on prevailing weather conditions and suitability of landing sites, but you should allow at least three hours for the whole experience.

How high does the balloon fly?

The balloons will fly from ground level to a three thousand feet above ground level, depending on wind direction and speed. The max. altitude is 6000 feet and its is limited by Turkish Civil Aviation for the balloons in Cappadocia.

Will we be cold up there?

Actually you will be WARMER in the balloon. HOT air balloons (note the clue HOT) float with the wind so there is no wind chill. Generally in the morning as we climb the air actually gets warmer by a few degree.

Is it quiet in the balloon?

When the burner is off, it is extremely quiet. Quiet is one of the most enjoyable aspects of ballooning.

Does the basket sway when fliying?

The basket does not sway since it moves with the wind. No need to worry about motion sickness.

How far fill we fly?

We will go as far as the wind will take us. Remember balloons float with the wind. We have seen days where we flew for one hour and 15 minutes and went one mile! We have also seen days where we flew for 45 minutes and went 27 miles.